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Am aspiring published rhyming poetry author. Have wrote many typical/perfect rhyming poems. In this endeavor found not much of this type poetry exists; thus, this site was born. Have published, "The Rhyme It Out Project: Why Not Rhymes Part One & Part Two” in my endeavor to promote rhyming poetry. More about this endeavor under that page’s title and can view some poetry there; as well. Currently am working on "My Form Created-Rhyme It Out!", where I created my own form; which you can see more details under that page. Learn more about me under the “About Me” page. Those whose wish to contact me can do so via the contact form at bottom of site or in response to post and can follow via "Follow By Email" Link. My email is whynotrhymes@gmail.com. Am a rhyming poet that really likes writing rhyming poems and hopes this site encourages others to join me in this rhyming poetry endeavor. Rhyme On!

Thursday, April 9, 2020

A Rhyming Poem for The Season

An Acrostic Poem Form for the Season

Happy Easter 🐰

Hippy hoppy Easter’s on its way
As eggs hidden that we find
Placement of them where they lay
Preferring that none be left behind
Your basket now filled this day

Easter dawns as spring display
And pastel colors then are shined
Shown is the floral bouquet
To which this season is twined
Everywhere the children now play
Remembering this day given divined

Easter is a day of celebration and although many are shut-in or shelter-in-place, there still can be many and creative ways to celebrate this season. 

Wishing all a Happy Easter!

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