Wednesday, June 10, 2020

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Practice Makes Perfect

It's what we do greatly expect
As we journey through our daily life
To not give up, as practice makes perfect

To this our mission we do connect
Hoping our journey not bring strife
As it's what we do greatly expect

We then learn in gain we don't neglect
That which to us gives a slice-of-life
Not giving up, as practice makes perfect

To give up, the journey then does end
Where so does the dream that once was
From there very hard to regain and mend

But when to our mission we surpass
The strife to connect to that was again
We learn to practice in this to by-pass

Now journey in life, strife then does thin
As it's what we do greatly expect
For to this was our dream to win
We didn't give up, as practice made perfect
      ©Doris Elaine

Thoughts: It's a journey in life as we try to perfect our lives. But, it's never going to be perfect; however, in the mist of strife that life sometimes brings, in trying we should never give up. We don't get perfect or better at something in giving up. We practice to get better or, sometimes, perfect at something. As the old saying goes; practice makes perfect; simple

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