Saturday, June 6, 2020

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Better on The Other Side

Having no disrespect to lives lost
As for those left need to strive
To be better on the other side

When to this thing lives are tossed
As we try maintaining to stay alive
In having no disrespect to lives lost

To this many jobs are greatly exhaust
Anger it creates in trying to survive
To be better on the other side 

Hopefully soon this thing will pass
Then we can take a breath and relax
Making it better for us at last

Important now in watching our backs
As precautions we take now for later
In knowing later we will use these facts

In helping make our lives straighter
Having no disrespect to lives lost
As striving in the future as greater
To be better on the other side 
      ©Doris Elaine

Thoughts: The crisis we now live, will eventually pass. Yes we should be concern with here and now; but, should additionally strive to be better later. Question is: Will we be better on the other side of this crisis once it passes? Will say, I sure hope it to be better on the other side!

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