Friday, July 10, 2020

New "My Form Created" Poem

Innocence Betrayed, Not 

To keep it with all my might I fought
As for many nights I laid in tears
But my innocence betrayed, not

Although to your desire you sought
For deception you gave with snares
To keep it with all my might I fought

As to your mission was left a blind spot
That had my heart beating with fears
But my innocence betrayed, not

To your plans I had never dealt
As to this my innocence was played
My emotions began to melt

At times my condition did fade
And then I would think I'm okay
But soon again in tears I laid

Your purpose in this game your need to play
To keep it with all my might I fought
And now you see I was right in my way
Because my innocence betrayed, not
   ©Doris Elaine

Thoughts: Can't stand games and it's ashamed that some people these days feel they have to play games simply because they don't believe someone is real, or they are jealous, or they just want to prove someone wrong in their way of being. Many get blind sided to this as one may have never dealt with this kind of deception to that extreme  before; thus innocent to it. Someone real will stick to one's belief and way of being no matter; thus innocence keep, not lost. Nor/or neither did the person playing, when the one is not playing, manage to take the one not playing innocence in a situation from them; thus innocence betrayed, not. 

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