Sunday, July 5, 2020

New "My Form, Tervillazanelle" Poem

Just Not Fake!

Often mistaken honesty as rude
But actually, it's just not fake!
Some take honesty as an attitude

In being honest feelings can exclude
A necessity in that you partake
Often mistaken honesty as rude

For when ask truth to this conclude
In giving an opinion yours to make
But to some honesty an attitude

Ashamed some fake in order to please
Better is honesty no matter how hard
An act of love shown in truth agrees

With honesty one's being is unmarred
And to this one is seen as real
For another one cared with regard

Even when hard to truth one does reveal
Thou some mistaken honesty as rude
It's just not fake, it's the real deal!
Although honesty seen as an attitude
   ©Doris Elaine

Thoughts: Often people think someone is being rude when all one is doing is being honest. Honesty, these days, it seems, is just not appreciated. Seems one would rather hear a lie in order to be appeased than the truth. I guess to some truth hurts and that's why they would prefer a lie. However, a true friend or real person would tell someone, for instant, something does not look good on them if it really doesn't knowing it really doesn't look good in their mind. Honesty is real and not an attitude; it's just not fake!

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