Sunday, August 9, 2020

"My Form Created" Poem

 Different Hard-Easy

Although being different sometimes hard
The Lord can make this difference easy
As to Him your difference starred

To this world your being greatly charred
As conformity for you uneasy
For in being different sometimes hard

When you do not conform you are discard
For some this denial feels queasy
But to Him your different starred

The concept of becoming different 
To some is very hard to follow
For Him this is viewed reverent

Because to this world you do not wallow
He will give you strength to endure
Your stay here with Him easy to follow

Your difference is reassurance
Although being different sometimes hard
He makes it easy as you mature
As to Him your difference starred
    ©Doris Elaine

Thoughts: Being different in this world can sometimes be hard; but being different can also mean non-conformity to the ways of the world. And, this difference to the Lord can be a treasure (1 Jo 2;15-15) as He gives you strength to abide in your difference. Making your temporary stay here, as different, easy in a hard place. 

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