Sunday, August 16, 2020

"My form Created" Poem - I May Not Be

  I May Not Be

To the heavens I send my plea
For what I need may take a miracle
As my soul sings out I may not be

I find myself down on one knee
And tears adorn my face in a trickle
To the heavens I send my plea

Not sure my being good for thee
Care in patients may be an obstacle
As my soul sings out I may not be

At my age experience expected
In some areas to this only naiveness
To most my age to this rejected

For the burden in care may bring stress
To this I do fully understand
Thou unexperienced wise no less

To this my Lord I need your hand
As to the heavens I send my plea
Having faith a miracle planned
When my soul sings out I may not be
    ©Doris Elaine

Thoughts:  It's ashamed that some compare one being unexperienced to one being unwise. Even more ashamed when one wants to possess or abuse the unexperienced. As an older women, having some areas of inexperience, some by choice, I realize in acceptance this may be a burden as more effort and patients has to be in place in one's care as a mate. But to me this ideology doesn't make sense, as it seems there should be a degree of care and patients in every relationship; not self focused. These days it seems it does take a miracle in finding a mate for one unexperienced; but, in faith to the Lord I stand in my naieveness as to the experienced  I may not be. 

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