Monday, August 10, 2020

New "My Form Created" Poem

  Old Fashioned; And!

It's okay to your demeanor to stand
Thou to some you may not seem right
Even if a bit old fashioned; and!

What you believe in your ways to some bland
To you it's honesty that's downright 
It's okay to your demeanor to stand

In being kind in giving a hand
One avoids the hate of today's plight
Even if a bit old fashioned, and!

And old fashioned to some seems out of time
A world where fast is sooner than later
Where waiting for the best doesn't seem prime

Need to decide to one's fate what's greater
In satisfying one's prevailing urge
Of what's perfect or an imitator

When it comes to true love old ways emerge
It's okay to your demeanor to stand
In waiting for the best that God does merge
Even if a bit old fashioned, And!
    ©Doris Elaine

Thoughts: In a fast paced world patience seems more and more none existence and kindness is becoming rare. Nothing wrong in kindness in a time of a hate filled world. Some view this as old fashioned, but I would rather have a kind person as my mate than a hate filled one. In satisfying one's needs true love seems to have become a rare thing as well. Today waiting on God's intervention in bringing true love seems old fashioned to some. But He is the best match maker in the world; And, worth the outcome of waiting, no matter how old fashioned this may seem.

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