Monday, August 3, 2020

New "My Form Created" Poem

Apologize for Being Broken

Life can leave one very heartbroken
As we journey this world as human
Then we apologize being broken

To this we hide our feelings unspoken
As we try our best to become unhuman
Because life can leave us very heartbroken

Being human words sometimes outspoken
As to one's feelings we act inhuman
Then we apologize being broken

In a world where "I" be one's purpose
Others mean less in matters of the heart
All that matters is seen on the surface

When deep down inside one is falling apart
There's only one that can make us new
He can give us a brand new start

God accepts you for to this He knew 
When life can leave one very heartbroken
He can heal you in getting through
No apologizing being broken
   ©Doris Elaine

Thoughts: When life leaves one heartbroken sometimes one becomes very unfeeling towards others due the hurt. One can also become uncaring about one's own actions and blame the one who hurt them for this behavior in apologizing for being broken. God can heal this brokenness, if allowed. Although one may still be hurt and broken because one allows God to work in one's life, one would eventually develop love for others again and no longer feel the need to apologize for being broken. 

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