Thursday, September 3, 2020

"My From Created" Poem

 What Happened To....

Things are the way in which we choose to view
For some this view is through everyone's eyes
Others view asking what happened to....

As some in this world their view grew
Living their lives as the world view comprise
Things their way in which they choose to view

This world view to some they never knew
They living their lives as God devise
As they view asking what happened to....

If we act according to world outlook
To this view we see as universal
As most do because to this world they took

But to some this world things in reversal
Due what in this world they see immoral
Immoral to this world a proposal

To this world view some choose to be oral
As to the way in which we choose to view
Speaking to world view some want to quarrel
When we view asking what happened to....
    ©Doris Elaine

Thoughts: Speaking out as a Christian does sometimes cause others to want to quarrel; especially when speaking against immoral acts that many see as okay simply because their view of it is one of worldly in saying "everyone is doing it". For instance: a world view of dating for sex; which, seems to be the norm of the world today. Not wanting to quarrel; but, either way you look at it sex outside marriage is fortification. But again, I guess it depends on your view; worldly or Godly? As a Christian to this dating to find a life-long mate; I say, what happened to....

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