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Welcome to all poetry lovers and thank you for dropping by.

              Doris Elaine
Mission: To express the art and importance of Rhyming Poems. 

Am aspiring published poetry author; born and raised in Georgia, United States. Have an education of Double B.A. and half a master’s acquired late in life in 2012. Am a bit shy and somewhat reserved socially; thus found poetry an outlet for expression. Over the past few years have wrote many typical/perfect rhyming poems. Fact is, have learned there's not much of a market for these type poems; thus, the purpose for this site. Hope is to change market view in demonstrating that even rhyming poems can attract an audience. Have a two-book collection, "The Rhyme It Out Project! Why Not Rhyme" Part 1 & Part 2,  Currently only Part 1 is in both paperback and eBook and Part 2 only paperback; however, may include Part 2 as eBook in future. Knowledge of poems in both lists are gathered from Wikipedia as primary source; however, in an effort to validate have researched to ensure accuracy of information. This endeavor has been an informative experience for me where I learned I really like two forms, the "Villanelle" and the "Terzanelle" as they flow well as rhyming poetry. Decided to create my own form from these two forms, after all that's what us poets do, we break all the writing rules we can get away with; right!  "My Form Created"  will be in book form in th3e future.  Am a Front Desk Associate at a local hotel. Currently my work is being published via KDP/Amazon. Through a great deal of learning and trail and error, even this objective was a challenge; however, I believe I finally got it right. Except am still challenged with proper formatting of eBooks; please bare with on that. Most my work is done in a small work space adjacent to my bedroom and occasionally on my laptop in the comfort of my bed. I am not looking for fame and glory, nor expecting any amount of income from this endeavor; only wish to express the art of rhyming poetry and it's importance. And, do have a Christian rhyming poetry site, as well; details below. Both Part 1 and Part two of "The Rhyme It Out Project is found on AmazonOther than work I spend my time reading and watching Christian material, studying God’s word, occasional watch a good movie and listen to country music. Love nature and everything it has to offer. Absolutely love my life as an aspiring rhyming poetry author. You may notice, no last name. Reason being, current last name is ex-married last name; which, I prefer not to use. And, maiden name I have not been since an older teen. Thus, simply Doris Elaine.  A Christian that really likes writing rhyming poetry and hopes to encourage others in this endeavor. 

 Christian Rhyming Poetry site at  www.redemptiverhymes.com

"The Lord is my strength and song, And He has become my salvation; He is my God, and I will praise Him; My father's God, and I will exalt Him". (Exodus 15: 2-NKJV).

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