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Am aspiring published rhyming poetry author. Have wrote many typical/perfect rhyming poems. In this endeavor found not much of this type poetry exists; thus, this site was born. Have published, "The Rhyme It Out Project: Why Not Rhymes Part One & Part Two” in my endeavor to promote rhyming poetry. More about this endeavor under that page’s title and can view some poetry there; as well. Currently am working on "My Form Created-Rhyme It Out!", where I created my own form; which you can see more details under that page. Learn more about me under the “About Me” page. Those whose wish to contact me can do so via the contact form at bottom of site or in response to post and can follow via "Follow By Email" Link. My email is whynotrhymes@gmail.com. Am a rhyming poet that really likes writing rhyming poems and hopes this site encourages others to join me in this rhyming poetry endeavor. Rhyme On!

My Form Created-Rhyme It Out

My Form Created-Why Not Rhymes
 ©Doris Elaine

Rhyme It Out! This poem is a rhyming poem form I created by critiquing two poem forms to create a form of my own. Have given the rules of said creation, as well as showing the forms I created them from. On  occasion will post poems in my created forms, however subject matter will be random and may or may not be in book form in the future. You will see "Thoughts" at time of creation under poem; other than with initial introduction poem.  

Explanation of  form created and rules:

Have combined Villanelle (Five tercets, quatrain, and 8-10 syllables per line, and refrains) and Terzanelle (19 line tercets in iambic meter-sometimes, quatrain, and refrains). Rhyme pattern of both as follows:

Villanelle             Terzanelle                                         
A (1)                                                                  A (1)
b                                                                        B
A (2)                                                                 A (2)

a                                                                       b
b                                                                       C
A(1)                                                                 B

a                                                                      c
b                                                                      D
A (2)                                                               C

a                                                                      d
b                                                                      E
A (1)                                                               D

a                                                                     e                                   
b                                                                     F
A (2)                                                              E

a                                                                     f
b                                                                    A (1)
A (1)                                                             F
A (2)                                                             A (2)

My Created Form- Tervillazanelle combines the guidelines of five tercets in 15 lines and a final 4-line quatrain with refrains as with both the Villanelle and the Terzanelle; making a 19 line poem. The iambic meter of the Terzanelle is somewhat  present, syllables of 8-10 of the Villanelle are present, and the rhyme pattern of both the Villanelle and the Terzanelle are combined to create the rhyme pattern as follows:

A (1)
A (2)


A (2)



A (1)
A (2)

Breaking The Guidelines

Here a created form of rules that combines
Two similar in structure I write
As a poet that's breaking the guidelines

Both having same amount of lines
Making this challenge good despite
Here a created form of rules that combines

Keeping in mind the lines as defines
Both forms in creating my form right
As a poet that's breaking the guidelines

Now I move onto breaking the rhyme scheme
Combining the two structures together
Where to this, this section I redeem

In making this created form pull altogether
Stuck to the syllables of one form
Keeping iambic meter of the other

To me poetry doesn't need to conform
Here a created form of rules that combines
Structure of two allowing to perform
As a poet that's breaking the guidelines
    ©Doris Elaine

To Each Their Own

Sometimes we hear put down from others
That be better in their country
As comparisons made of another's

When to our country others enters
Crisis breakout they talk abruptly
Sometimes we hear put down from others

To their own countries their cultures
Strength & weakness seeing displayed bluntly
As comparisons made of another's

There's no comparison one to another
For each country splendor it's own
No matter, here be as to rather

As drawn to here something made known
In pretense of better than there
But in the difference now some moan

In times of hard becoming aware
Sometimes we hear put down from others
For as known their own they declare
As comparisons made of another's
      ©Doris Elaine

Thoughts: Living in United States and working  a customer service job where seeing people from all over the world I hear much. In addition work for people originating from another county. There is much talk about comparison of the Coronavirus outbreak and recovery as to how much better a county compared to another due these statistics. Which, to me, is just simply ridiculous. So, if better, something brought you here-to another country-or you wouldn't here. Many moan, complain, and compare once settled in another country; especially when a crisis happens. Again, it's ridiculous. Each country has it's own splendor, strengths, and weaknesses; one no better than the other, to each their own. 

Better on The Other Side

Having no disrespect to lives lost
As for those left need to strive
To be better on the other side

When to this thing lives are tossed
As we try maintaining to stay alive
In having no disrespect to lives lost

To this many jobs are greatly exhaust
Anger it creates in trying to survive
To be better on the other side 

Hopefully soon this thing will pass
Then we can take a breath and relax
Making it better for us at last

Important now in watching our backs
As precautions we take now for later
In knowing later we will use these facts

In helping make our lives straighter
Having no disrespect to lives lost
As striving in the future as greater
To be better on the other side 
      ©Doris Elaine

Thoughts: The crisis we now live, will eventually pass. Yes we should be concern with here and now; but, should additionally strive to be better later. Question is: Will we be better on the other side of this crisis once it passes? Will say, I sure hope it to be better on the other side!

All Deserving Respect

People all are deserving of respect
We grow old and wiser, not dumber
As to this world our being not perfect

Some born rich, others hard work direct
Doesn't mean better as an over comer
People all are deserving of respect

Rate females slow-witted with disrespect
For females to this be a bummer
As to this world our being not perfect

With age experience does make wiser
But from the young, old dumb succumbs 
Should be from older comes as adviser

Once rich to this one greatly becomes
For struggles of past been forgotten
As others don't matter,  as be to incomes

And to parents a female begotten
People all are deserving of respect
When treatment comes as misbegotten
As to this world our being not perfect
      ©Doris Elaine

Thoughts: Absolutely no one in this world is perfect; but to treat older people as dumb is dumb in itself as they have lived with much experience. And money doesn't make one better, this misconception is a fallacy as there are many, many situations that causes one to be poor or poorer. Especially when one has been there and forgets once rich; that's not better, that's morally worse. Too, these people that want to treat females as slow-witted simply because their female is highly disrespectful; and if  coming from a man, they are not a real man, at all. I know this is highly opinionated, but I am absolutely positive many, many people think or feel the same way, in this world where not one is perfect and all are deserving of respect. 

Practice Makes Perfect

It's what we do greatly expect
As we journey through our daily life
To not give up, as practice makes perfect

To this our mission we do connect
Hoping our journey not bring strife
As it's what we do greatly expect

We then learn in gain we don't neglect
That which to us gives a slice-of-life
Not giving up, as practice makes perfect

To give up, the journey then does end
Where so does the dream that once was
From there very hard to regain and mend

But when to our mission we surpass
The strife to connect to that was again
We learn to practice in this to by-pass

Now journey in life, strife then does thin
As it's what we do greatly expect
For to this was our dream to win
We didn't give up, as practice made perfect
      ©Doris Elaine

Thoughts: It's a journey in life as we try to perfect our lives. But, it's never going to be perfect; however, in the mist of strife that life sometimes brings, in trying we should never give up. We don't get perfect or better at something in giving up. We practice to get better or, sometimes, perfect at something. As the old saying goes; practice makes perfect; simple!

A Choice, Not A Luxury

Those liking doing nothing want admit
To this be more comfort than progress
As a choice, not a luxury to sit

For with some doing something to commit
Often brings to them nothing but stress
Those liking doing nothing want admit

Especially if hard they often quit
They'd rather sit around and be depress
As a choice, not a luxury to sit

To many the though of doing something
Does not luxury to them seem to be
As energy then becomes a thing

In choosing to move one can agree
The pleasure of accomplishment maintains
Doing something gives comfort in glee

As sitting around doing nothing constrains
Those liking doing nothing want admit
Preventing one pleasures in gains
As a choice, not a luxury to sit
      ©Doris Elaine

Thoughts: Many times it seems to be able to sit around, basically doing nothing, to be a luxury. I have often thought this myself. But, is it really a luxury or laziness? Really, what gets accomplished by just sitting around? It seems more of a luxury, mentally at least, to be able to get something done. Isn't comfort the forefront of luxury? I would feel more comfortable to know I did something rather than sitting around getting nothing done. That would be my choice, anyway. Thank about it and try doing something!

A True Friend Doesn't Give Up

Sometimes relationships don't measure up
No matter how much one protest your love
Being a true friend means you don't give up

Even when it involves a breakup
Words had been spoken unkind thereof
Sometimes relationships don't measure up

In resolve even to this try not letup
Placing that person's well-fare above
Being a true friend means you don't give up

Although to some it may seem your a fool
Or maybe just crazy thinking of one
In being friendly to one that's been cruel

Takes more strength no matter what's done
Being consistent in showing you care
As one over self when friendship is none

So even thou, the one may never declare
Sometimes relationships don't measure up
At least to your intentions made aware
Being a true friend means you don't give up
     ©Doris Elaine

Thoughts: Friendships don't always work out; at least, not right away. Sometimes it takes at least one being faithful and committed in developing a good relationship. Even when others looking in may think your being a fool or crazy just because they may not be a good nor committed person in being a true friend. Bottom line, no matter what others may think nor how hard it may be for you, true friends don't give up. 

You Don't Get Over, You Just Get On

When in life someone special is gone
It can be hard, the getting pass
But you don't get over, you just get on

To tears and moaning you are drawn
As you thought the us to this outlasts
When in life someone special is gone

For on your sleeve your emotions upon
To this you feel at an impasse
But you don't get over, you just get on

Hoping the memory does fade
Then recalling the good of one there
Being thankful the thoughts to have stayed

Even thou one gone has left great despair
You learn to deal in life this way
In knowing precious yawl's time declare

No need to the lose to feel dismay
When in life someone special is gone
Even when your thoughts of one does replay
As you don't get over, you just get on
      ©Doris Elaine

Thoughts: In life we lose people; rather, family members or friends. Rather, a death, a moving away, or a breakup. Many may ask "How do you get over the lose of someone so special to you?" . I know many times in my life I have ask myself this very question. Even thou hard, especially when there are good memories of time spent together, one has to some how rebound. The -materiamemories can sometimes help one get though.  I've learned, you never really get over, you just learn to get on. 

Already Lost It!

It's something some people try hard to get
In gain it can make one feel good
If you have to ask, you've already lost it!

One's actions to this one want admit
But to this it must be very understood
It's something some people try hard to get

Non-material in gain it does transmit
One does earn it, no demands, as one should
If you have to ask, you've already lost it!

It can reflect your inner most being
To this one needs to be aware
Then know easy it becomes in seeing

When one understands to this to declare
Gone hard for one to see you as before
With before gone, not easy to repair

As one fights really hard to restore
It's something some people try hard to get
Of respect one wonders if it's therefore
If you have to ask, you've already lost it!
      ©Doris Elaine

Thoughts: This thought is simple, yet can be complex; as well. Respect is earned, not something one can demand. Most times one's actions is what gains respect and this action comes from within. One must learn to respect your own actions toward's others in receiving gained respect; thus, these actions need reflect respect. And, if  you have to ask someone if you have their respect, you've probably already lost it!

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