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The Rhyme It Out Project! is a project started in January 2019. It is the objective to draw an audience to the art of rhyming poems by displaying the different forms of poetry in poems that rhyme and are about poems and/or rhyming poems. Hope is in redeeming the art of Rhyming Poems.

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"A" Abstract
According to Wikipedia, Edith Sitwell used the term "abstract" in the same context as Sound poetry; meaning that the sound, texture, and rhythm of the poem is what makes it an abstract, more so than the meaning of the words.

Rhymes A Lot

Poems formed as abstract
Most often than not
Are written in order to attract
Emotions from which they brought
Meaning of words soon forgot
That have no real plot
Only given not much to thought
For the words not caught
Here; an abstract that rhymes a lot
   ©Doris Elaine

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Poem Example out of Book

"A" Acrostic Poetry
Acrostic is easy and fun. It simply is the spelling out of word(s) on the left hand side of the poem in the first letter of each sentence.

Rhyming Poems Fate

Reading and writing rhyming poems is great

Having an education isn't needed
Your mind is already given this trait
Making grow what's been seeded
In your thoughts becoming its fate
Now producing where and when needed
Gathering thoughts that relate
Poems of rhyme; thus, is seeded
Opening the mind's door that await
Elevating one's thoughts exceeded
Managing to make it straight
Showing rhyming importance as preceded
Following minds growth as it dictate
Altering one's thoughts it succeeded
Toward rhyming poems intended fate
Encouraging thoughts where seeded
   ©Doris Elaine

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